Local Government Law

Nabors, Giblin & Nickerson, P.A. is well known in the State of Florida for its representation of counties and cities in the area of local government law. NG&N currently serves as county attorney for Wakulla County, Florida, and in this capacity, represents Wakulla County, the Planning Commission, the Code Enforcement Board, and all other governmental boards in all day-to-day legal matters, all litigation, and other special counsel engagements. Several of our attorneys specialize in this practice area, which focuses on issues involving the home rule authority of counties and cities, the development of alternative revenue sources to fund essential services and facilities, and all other issues unique to the local government client, including budget, finance, growth management, and concurrency.

Over the past 10 years alone, NG&N has helped counties and cities develop more than 125 special assessment projects to fund essential governmental services and facilities such as fire, stormwater, solid waste, road maintenance and paving, utility expansions, and downtown redevelopment. Over this same time period, NG&N has assisted numerous counties and cities in developing at least 70 impact fee programs for transportation infrastructure, educational facilities, library facilities, parks and recreational systems, correction facilities, and other infrastructure that is impacted by growth.

Additionally, the attorneys practicing in the area of Local Governmental Law have a wide breadth of experience in the day-to-day issues facing local government attorneys, such as public records, the sunshine law, state ethics laws, procurement, and all aspects of Florida Constitutional law. In fact, several of NG&N's attorneys used to serve as county attorneys in Florida.

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