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Florida Association of County Attorneys President’s Award Presented Posthumously to Robert L. Nabors

The Florida Association of County Attorneys (“FACA”) renamed the organization’s President’s Award to the Robert L. Nabors President’s Award and awarded it posthumously to Robert L. (Bob) Nabors on June 13, 2019.  Each year the President’s Award is presented to the attorney who has achieved the most for Florida’s counties.  This recognition went to Bob Nabors for his unwavering dedication to local government home rule and the distinguished legal work he has accomplished for Florida’s counties throughout his career.

Richard Wm. Wesch, FACA’s immediate past President, also bestowed FACA Executive Order 2019-01 designating Bob as “the Grandfather of the Florida Association of County Attorneys with all rights, benefits and privileges appertaining thereto.”  You can read the entire Executive Order 2019-01 here.

Robert L. Nabors, a founding member of the Firm, passed away on February 28th, 2019. Throughout his career, he dedicated himself to the representation of local governments within the State of Florida and always did so with a brilliant intellect and a warm and humorous spirit. He is widely recognized as the father of “Home Rule” in the State of Florida and fought tirelessly for his clients throughout his 52 year legal career.

Bob Nabors’ children accepting the newly renamed Robert L. Nabors President’s Award on behalf of their father.  Featured from left to right, Richard Wm. Wesch, Past President of FACA, Mike Nabors, Susie Hubbard and Steve Nabors.

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